Conversational Spanish students

Meng Liu and Bryan Jenkins


I was not sure that I could learn Spanish without talking in English at all in the beginning. At the end of level 1, I am so proud that with an excellent teacher, Carlos, I made it. Thank you, Carlos, for all your help.​  



I like the concept of total immersion. Carlos has original ideas for the class. The amount of information is not overwhelming. The homework in perfect for us.  

-Bryan Jenkins

Justine D. Lord


"Learning Spanish for work seemed a daunting task. Luckily, we called Carlos! He has truly made class fun and memorable. Our conversations are very engaging - we act out what we read in order to truly learn the language. Very highly recommend Bilingual Communications.”
- Justine D. Lord

Elaine E. Whitbeck

 “My experience with Mr. Carlos Calderón and Bilingual Communications has been nothing but positive. Mr. Calderón has been an exemplary instructor. The study materials and pace of the program have been very appropriate for my skill level. Mr. Calderón has been encouraging and considerate and very accommodating of my very busy schedule.  I highly recommend Bilingual Communications.” 

Elaine E. Whitbeck – Former Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer,  Alcon Laboratories         

Cynthia Williams

“This was a pleasant and informative experience. They have flexible hours to make it more convenient for the students, and they use practical methods.  I recommend them to everyone who wants to speak Spanish, because they can do a class especially for you. To study at Bilingual Communications was a beneficial experience and gave me the success and the confidence to be a Bilingual Teacher.  Many thanks to Bilingual Communications:  Now I can be a Bilingual Teacher – A dream come true!  

Cynthia Williams,
Elementary School Teacher – Texas

Mrs. Candance Alley

 “When my oldest daughter enrolled in a Pre-AP Spanish III Class in high school, she was having difficulty with oral communication and verb conjugation.  After studying with Carlos a few weeks, her grades greatly improved.  She studied with him for two years, and earned A’s in Pre-AP Spanish II, as well as, in AP Spanish IV. Mr. Calderón invited me to observe a few sessions, and he utilized many real life examples instead of strictly relying on the book.  He used many teaching methods, including hands-on methods. Mr. Calderón is an excellent teacher since he has great communication skills, he insures that the student has a thorough understanding of the material, is well organized, has patience, is very creative, and has great personal skills.

Mrs. Candace Alley, DMA -  Mother of a high school student, Arlington, Texas 

Erica Bones


Señor Calderón was genuinely invested in the success of each student. He personally made me feel like family. When I became sick, he called to check on me. The class was fun and interactive as we learned how to communicate without English. I also liked that we had a small class and Señor Calderón devoted an equal amount of time to each student. I have learned more in 3 months than I did during 2 years in high school and 2 years in college Spanish. Bilingual Communications rocks!

-Erica Bones